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Poem Scraps - A sad sad song [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Poem Scraps [Jul. 8th, 2009|11:48 am]
Broken angel, shattered wings Songs of sorrow this angel sings A whisper in the wind A crying in the night, Feelings of emptiness That will never feel alright. From dusk to dawn This angel does mourn At the light of truth, This easily seen and easily worn Ripped wings cry for repair But that sweet gentle hand is never there.


Sit here on this grim day
Cigarette in hand
Nothing to say.
Wondering and trying to figure out
How this misunderstanding came about.
Sure we yelled, occaisonally shout,
But why can't I see you
It seemed we could start out new
Too bad that got misunderstood.
I need your hand
See your face from under this hood.
I never meant to alarm,
Never meant any harm.
To me you were the one.
Not manipulative, not naive,
I just wanted to talk,
Even if you didn't get me.
I cut myself until my arms bled raw
Something I'd never wish you to see
I guess it's good then
That you're being kept from me.
I'm going to get high tomorrow
And numb my awful pain.
Kill this misery
Slumped, stunned in sorrow.