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My thoughts as they spill out & hit the floor... - A sad sad song [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My thoughts as they spill out & hit the floor... [Jul. 8th, 2009|11:53 am]

So happy I'm smiling

split it wide open
till blood pours from its mouth
crushing its skull
thereafter comes a deafening sound.

the ground wreaks of death
the solemn vows of dying
Losing grip, losing breath...
So happy she's smiling.

Feels like she's lost everything she's known,
No purpose to finish this task
Everything she will now drown
This pain will no longer have to last.
In a puddle of her own crimson blood,
As the light of the moon strikes down upon it,
Now she holds the rock up and takes a fatal hit.

Blood dies her hair crimson, dark dark red,

While satan's birds fly overhead.
Blood flooding the top layer of earth
Sinking down into his lair
Her soul has been taken over now
Her timely sins, taken their final vow.
Now it's gone, that pain she could not bare.
Her arm lay limp slumped against elderly roots.

Wash away my blood(NEW!)

Wash away my blood
Stained from head to toe
Streams wash away with tears
Pain and sorrow.

Pain and sorrow
She pitties herself
For the flowing streams
Seems so hard to let go
To move on away from this flow
Trying to walk upstream
Towards a drier riverbed
One to lay down in
Relaxed, as if she were dead.

Wonderful vivid colors
Dashing through her head
At the speed of light
Upstream visions
Taking flight.

Darkness seen beyond the core
The cornea black as deep sea
Light disperses and moves away
And wonders where she is.
What surrounds is the vividness…
Of colors, dark rainbows
Raining sorrow downstream
Vivid illusions taking flight
Shining from amber beams.

I had everything (NEW!)

I had everything
The great illusion of mankind
Greatly mistaken
Easy to find…
Easy to break…
Feeling so empty its hard to fake
A fake smile
Fake light in her eyes
All she feels is alone
So filled up with hate and despise.

Misunderstanding of the life that is lived
Hurt and let go, broken she is
Broken and shattered
Please tie her a bow
Fix her and mend her
Show her you know
Show her you know what it is to be hurt
Show her you know what its like to be burnt
Give her a reason for life,
Or explain why she experiences this strife.
Give her a reason or give her need…
Make her want…
And when she wants to bleed,
Show her your cuts.
Show her you’ve walked her same path,
Show her these marks that show a same past.

A bottle and a razor

a bottle and a razor
would be my only hope
of a best friend today.
Helping me cope
Helping the bad feelings fade away.

creeping down my throat
as it burns so nice
hits my stomach
burns like ice.

its toxins so strong
burns my emotions
but not for long.
more is added
as it intoxicates my mind.
making me feel better...
making me feel of my own kind.

the sharp pain carved into my skin
where will it end...
how did this begin.
a sharp object laying by my bed
carving with a strength
led so far ahead.

blood trickles down my arm
i drink that too
Bloody mary's...
Bloody me...


what went so wrong
that i can not see
i hate the place
where i have to be

everythings spinning
running into walls
making me feel like a loser
like nothing at all

one was new
two was great
three got better everyway
four got weird
and five just sucked.
now it just feels so fucked.

this is my life
this is how i am
secluded with mistrust
and disgust....
still i put my life in your hands'

my wreckage washes up on your shores
as you pick up the broken pieces
and put them in your pocket...
looking at them oh so carefully
at every edge.... studying its shape
like the way you studied my face
im gone